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Camera Settings
Hey, I'm sure there's some way to match mini E to my camera - 5D mkII.
It seems that the test shot isn't working and your manual says about test shot "Here you can check if your camera is connected properly and the settings are OK for your specific camera brand".

But how do I go about setting it?
(02-26-2013, 07:21 PM)Soffer Wrote: do I go about setting it?

Please check the camera settings. There is a menu point in there which is named "Focus behav." (Focus line behaviour). This is where you set the camera specific settings. The documentation contains a graphic which describes what this setting does (page 8).

If it is still not working then something with your hardware is wrong. You can test if the optocouplers are working properly with a multimeter or with any breadboard (+an AA battery, one 300 - 1k ohm resistor and an LED) because the shutter line should be shorted to the camera ground when the camera is triggered. There is a breadboard schematic on page 17 in the documentation which shows which line is which for the different camera connectors.

Will check and update. Thanks.

(02-26-2013, 08:02 PM)Soffer Wrote: Will check and update. Thanks.

Works !
Thank you very much!

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