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Camera Slider and dolly setup
A respectful Hello to everybody,
Just joined this vibrant forum. I have been working on an Arduino controlled camera slider dolly system for time-laps and video shooting. Google guided me here for your wisdom. I truly appreciate the awesome work that's been done on " miniEngine 1 & 2 " and I am looking forward to revision3.
I did a quick search around the forum posts but I didn't find any entries about the Camera Sliders. I just didn't want to make a fool of myself by creating a new thread about the subject not being sure if it was discussed in any length before. If it hasn't, I would start a thread by asking for a show and tell as we all know the basics. The dynamics of movements and engines ( belt vs direct drive etc ) would be an interesting point of entry to subject and sharing information about.
Never mind Please ! I found the threads about sliders and dollies.
It was hidden in in plain sight. LOL

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