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Few problem !! Please help me
Big Grin 
Hello everyone,
My big project is to do a slider who is small for he travel and light for the trekking because this summer i go in ISLANDE Smile
I have two problem, and one question.
For the moment my power supply is my laptop (USB), i am waiting for the battery.

  1. the first and the biggest is the Motor don't turn but he is vibrating, maybe is the power supply?
    the motor is a Nema 17 from DFRobot:
    Model No:42BYGH1861A-C
    Step Angle (degrees) :1.8
    2 Phase
    Rated Voltage : 3.4V
    Current : 1.7A/PHASE
    Holding Torque : 3.5kg*cm (48.6 oz/in)
    Detent Torque: 180g*cm
    5mm (0.2") Diameter Drive Shaft
    Winding resistance: 2±10% Ω/PHASE
    Winding inductance: 2±20% mH/PHASE
    Max flux linkage: 1.8 Vs
    Maximum Detent Torque: 0.016 N.M
    Total inertia (kg.m.m): 3.5 Kg.m.m
    Total friction (kg.m/s): 4 Kg.m/s
  2. My seconde problem is the Camera Shutter, the camera don't take the picture.
    I use a Canon 70D
  3. And finally my question is which type of connector i need to use for making my own case? (Power,camera,motor,limitswitch)

    Sorry for all the question and big thanks.
1) A USB Power supply will not deliver enough power to move a stepper motor which needs about 12V in most of the cases.
2) Did you try to change the camera mode in the miniEngine menu?
3) Whichever ones you prefer. Keep in mind that they need to be rated for the occurring currents (e.g .the power connector.)
Good luck!
Thanks Airic for the quickly answer, like always Smile

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