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LCD White screen - at my wits end
I perfectly soldered every pin on the miniengine v2, was so happy that I finally be able to start fooling around with it

Uploaded the code into ORIGINAL arduino due.

and got a white screen instead, so i tried every and any solution out there (changing display type etc) I even updated my UTFT library from Henning Karlsen

I saw someone else has the same problem as me and also using ITEAD LCD

are they changing controller all the time ?
I bought it @ which is the one airic is using

P.S Yes i did switch to 16bit
tried 8bit with ILI9325D_8 instead of ILI9325D_16 and i got a distorted screen.

EDIT: is pin 53 suppose to be connected to ground? i got connectivity while testing with multimeter
Issue solved after 2 whole days of troubleshooting.

Advised by @Peda1951 that there's a schematics that I didn't know of. So I used my trusty multimeter and checked every pin related to TFT pins.
My issue was pin 25 or arduino not connected to DB11 of TFT. From far the solder looks perfect but upon closer inspection, the iron might have been in contact for too long and burned it a little.
fixed it by bypassing the pcb with a separate wire from underneath.

TLDR, just 1 pin caused the whole issue......

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