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Is it working MiniEngine With Step Motor !
hi i will this step motor.Can ı this step motor with working MiniEngine 2 ? 

is it possible ? 

Or Can you recomended step motor  ? 

Sorry i am know little english.
It probably could be used but depends on how you want to use it as it wouldn't have a lot of power. Might be ok for operating pan but not very strong for driving a carriage along a slider. I have used these motors (wow what a long link!)

for driving the slider carriage with a toothed belt on one slider and a threaded rod on another slider. It can lift about 3Kg at about 40 degrees on the toothed belt slider, I think the motor has 36 Oz holding power. The Big Easy Driver can handle up to about 2 amp so this motor at 1.2 amp is ok.
Hope that helps.

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