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White screen and Panorama
I've finished my new mini reading all threads here, about the problems.
My mini have his own life. Sometimes is starting, sometimes not, just white screen. Pressing Reset many times gave him life but not everytime.
Another situation is when is started and begin to fade the screen, white vertical lines....white screen. when this happens , the battery level is fluctuating from 10% to 30% and back...and so on.
When is working , the battery level is arround 50%. Same battery. I can't find the problem.
The same with the SDcard. Sometimes is reading data from it, and I have the last saved settings, sometimes everything is on defalut settings like ignoring the card.
Where can I find the settings for Panorama in Menu?
I have now only Video and Timelapse.
Any advices about this problems are welcome.
Thank you.
I love this project
Sadly the MiniE V2 don't have a panorama menu. I'm working on that for a long time, but i'm very low of time.
Acrylic enclosures for the Mini Engine V1 and V2. 
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