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pcb supplier and zener diodes...
Hello me again...
Since you give the Eagle files, I will order the PCB of the miniE V1.3 at this supplier :
I will give you the feed back. I ask for 10 for 100 euros.

I have a question about the zener diodes spot on the pcb...
"cut connections for diodes use" you mean : cut the connections on the board ?
What is the use of these zener diodes ? To cut the "back" current from the motor or to cut over voltage from the power supply circuit ? Could that have save 2 of my miniEngine which burned ?
Why don't you say anything about it in your documentation ?
An other point : impossible to find any 12v-0,2A zener or shottky
only 12v-0,5W or 12v-1,3w which one should I choose ?
Thank you
I got back the PCBs in a few days but I hadn't time to test them yet.
Finally I could have wait for Airic to restock...
Anyway those new PCB work fine. If Airic run out of stock an other time you can ask me, I have some spares...

By the way... I still have these questions about the zener diodes, if anybody could help me with this.

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