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DC motor adapter for miniE v2
I'm putting together a board to take the direction and step output from the miniE to control the position of an encoded DC motor, hopefully to replace the noisy stepper motors on my pan tilt head with something a bit quieter and faster.

I will post progress here:

I will probably also make an adapter board also so it can be directly mounted to the miniE.

Is the V3 still being developed? I held off on buying a second v2 because I would much prefer being able to control all three of my axes with one unit. Also the fully assembled v2 is a bit bulky, and the preview of the v3 looked like it might be nice and small.

I am using my third axis with my own simple speed controller at the moment but it is less than ideal.

Lots of Love,

Thinking about the v3, if the motor driver is on the same board as the logic then it would be good to break out the DIR and Step pins to allow people to use different drivers and to allow this DC adapter to still work (if I finish it)


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