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Motor direction
Hello, First – thank You Arlic for big project.
I have one problem with my system. One of Big Easy drive seems work perfect. "Seems" - as i not finish yet.
But another Easy drive turn motor just one direction. I start to analyze and find on Arduino Due 12 pin in assembled system i always have 3.3V. If i disconnect miniE shields and leave just one Arduino Due and powered it, on 12 pin i have smt about 0V. But if i assembling (connecting) all parts to Arduino Due i have 3.3V on 12 pin. If i enter by long "menu" press i can change motor 1 speed and direction. On a screen i see different measures like from -20....0....+20. But motor spin just one direction. And sure as on 12 pin i heve 3.3V.
Maybe some body have the same problem and have solution?
Maybe one of my Big Easy drive is burned or not fully correct work...
I check DIR pin on Easy drive to MiniE shield i have about 0 Ω on disconnected from Arduino Due.

Sorry for my broken English.
And BIG thanks for help!
Hej, can you please check that your "DIR" (which stands for direction) pin is connected properly?
Hello Airic,
thank You for You care and quick replay. All problems is in Low cost China made stepper driver. I order driver with switched elements (capacitor and resistor). Smile So naturally this boards not working properly as signal not transmitted across capacitor. Re soldering for this one is unlucky Smile Solution is change it to another driver and now i have perfect working device! Thank You for You project!

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