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Question about function/compatibility
Hey all,

im planing my DIY timelapse slider project (my big project for 2016), and i came across the miniE. it looks very promising and i guess its exactly what i need. It shall be used as a slider controller.
but i have one question:

for panning i own a Syrp Genie Mini. It is connected to my camera and triggers the shots (shot-move-shot). Same thing can be done with the miniE. I now want to know if i can combine the Genie Mini and the miniE somehow.

I have two ideas in mind but i dont know if one of them will work, hence my posting here.

A) One of the devices will trigger the camera shutter, the other one is just doing the movement. Problem here: how to sync the movement of the miniE and the Genie Mini, there is no connection.

B) Master/Slave system. e.g: the Genie Mini will rotate, sends a "shutter" signal to the miniE, which is moving then and sending a signal to the camera for shutter release. Is the miniE capable of receiving such signals?

C) Any idea that i havent thought of yet.

Is anyone able to help me?

Thanks and happy new year
The easiest way would be to let the miniEngine just move in continuous mode - in this case there is no need for synchronisation. This would also make the move smoother and it would look more "realistic" as when you shoot video, the camera does move while taking a frame as well. I really prefer the look of continuous timelapse clips.

Hope that helps, and a happy new year to you too!
Thank you very much for your answer. Your solution sounds legit to daytime lapses, but wouldnt work in the night. guess ill have to live with that.
Why wouldn't it work for nightlapses? It's the same that counts here and long exposures make the video only more natural.
Unfortunately, I can not help you! I'm not good at this. Sorry!((

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