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Newb with Issues!
Hello everyone,
Due to my lack of understanding I am frustrated I cannot get this project to slide (sideways, whilst triggering a camera!).
I am using:
Arduino Uno with slightly modified code to match pin outs/ins otherwise stock miniEngine V1 code.

DFRobot LCD/Keypad Shield

Pololu A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier with Voltage Regulators

LDO Stepper motor: LDO-42STH47-1684AC

I have everything plugged appropriately but all the motor does is make noise.
I cannot get this thing to move like I think it should!

It is a 1.8 degree motor (200 steps full revolution) and I am running the pololu A4988 in full step mode (nothing attached to MS1,MS2,MS3 - default status) and have set the current limiter according to this equation shown on the A4988 webpage:
1.68a per phase/0.7 = 2.4

But all it does is make sounds and doesn't move. Something is not right somewhere... Please Help!
Video here:
I just swapped out the A4988 for another and it does the same so I guess its not a faulty driver Undecided
I don't have another motor to test with...
Please try to regulate the potentiometer on the board down to the minimum value. that could help.
Are you sure that the motor is wired correctly?
Lowering the limiter on the Driver helped - I just adjusted it down till the tapping stopped. The driver still "sings" a little every now and then. Is that normal?
Also raising the max and min speed in the software helped too.
They are now 3000micro seconds each. Are these appropriate settings?
The motor does move so I assume it is wired correctly :-D
Yes they tend to sing a little but seems you figured it out and it works. Great!
Have fun with it!
Thanks man! Stoked with this new toy!

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