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Motor pulsing
Hey all!

No problem Peter, am glad to help!

This is the link of faulty boards,...

On the picture are not the exact boards which are sold!
Am in contact with seller to solve the problem,... for his future business=)

Have a nice day all!!!
So I know I'm resurrecting an old thread but I ordered these Big Easy Drivers from Amazon,

[Image: 91RyTkYOKUL._SL1500_.jpg]

With these I saw the same pulsing... I had a couple of older Big Easy Drivers from sparkfun that I had to change the headers from the top to the bottom but those worked (well one of them works well... the other just works - see below) so I'm thinking I was running into the same issue... what did you need to change on these boards in order to get them working?

So the two boards I converted from top headers to bottom headers from sparkfun one of them runs very rough... I have tried switching steppers and moving them between the motor 1 & 2 spots and the issue stays with the driver... I have checked my solder joints and they all look fine and... I tested each by bypassing them with jumper cables and it was still very rough... is it just a bad driver board and there is no hope or could it be something else... I have a couple of new big easy drivers coming from sparkfun but would like to get this one working if I can...

thanks in advance...
[Image: 12859-02.jpg]
Comparing to the image on the spark fun site it looks like the tan chip over the GND is different on the Amazon on (image from my previous post)... Can I just remove that and move it over two the left?
Yes the resistor and capacitor are misplaced! If you watch the top image, the capacitor over the GND printing must be on place over VCC printing. compare it with some web images. Just re-solder them and it will work fine. The capacitor must be between VCC and GND, not at step line!
I had ordered them from two separated sellers on ebay and they were all defected.

Nice day!

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