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Motor pulsing
I had try all possible connectin, but without any luck. If I turn the pot on easy driver just when it starts to buzz I can hear the noise when it should turn. Im guessing that the motor is less than 7V. Probably I will buy new motor. I hope I didnt burn the easydriver somehow.

Thank you Airic for your answer.
Do you have defined calibration values for both motors? What happens if you try to move the 2nd motor?
My quick test settings:
total dist : 10cm
calibration: 1000st/cm
Dip switches on easydriver set to off (1/16)

All others are by default.

Could I burn the easydriver at my first startup because the pot of easydriver were on max, should I had turn it on min before startup.
Both easy drivers are responding the same.
It looks like that only half of easydriver is working, because if I disconnect B coil, the motor is still just locked when I press start. If connect only B coil the motor is still locked at start but with much less torque.
It is probably some cheap shit version of the easydriver boards =) I think It would be best if I buy one new motor and easydriver.

Thank you for your time and patience!
So today i tried some other things, i connected the Easydrive stepper board to a arduino and it works!

Therefor the problem is not the motor or the Easydrive. 
The only problem i can think of now is in the software or in the Due. I'm already on my 3 Due, 2 where DOA i have a extra but that one also doesn't work.  Undecided

I had found the solution of my problem!
The Easydriver boards were not assembled right. I had just watching the PCB and the picture of driver board on my PC, when i saw that the capacitor and resistor are not on the right place. On the ST pin was soldered the capacitor next to him was the resistor! I had soldered them off, and place them correctly back on PCB.
If anyone have that kind of problem,.. check the resistor and capacitor position placed above the VCC and GND print!

Have a nice day all!!!
You are not going to believe this, hahaha

I measured the output (with scope) of the Arduino Uno 5v as aspected, output of the Due 3,3v also no problem there. But at the easydrive the signal was very dirty on the step input. So i took a good look at the easydrive board (i have 5, all the same) and noticed what you noticed!
I went back home and look here if maybe something was posted today and read your posted and couldn't stop laughing, went i to my mancave and changed the resistor and cap. Tadaaaa!!! working Miniengine2 Big Grin

So this is definitely something to keep in mind, same as the change in the code for the display drive this one is going to drive some people crazy Tongue
NICE! =) Am glad to help you too!!! I had almost ordered new easydriver! Am running the motor whole hour now,.. cant believe it works.

Have a nice day Torquedub!
Great job tracking it down, make sure you name the sources of your faulty boards!
Simon thank you!  I have 6 easydriver as spares and I got them "cheap" from China. Guess what .. all 6 are faulty as you described with the components swapped around. Not sure if I will be successful re soldering them as my eyesight is not what it used to be but I have nothing to lose in trying.
This ties in with a thread I started a while back regarding compatibility of components not from the original manufacturer, where I was asking about the Arduino Due. When I ordered two more screens from Itead, I took a gamble and ordered their Arduino due compatible. I was initially disappointed to see it look different from the original but it did work in the MiniEngine2 so all was good.
Thanks again, you have saved me agonizing hours of frustration Wink
Well done guys!  Big Grin
I am very glad to head that you were able to solve the issues!

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