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To simplify my battery management  in my future trips, I would like power my miniengin 2 + arduino Due + motors, from lithium battery.

These batteries deliver in full load 8v, but only 5V end of charging, I therefore can not use the classic power inlet.

So what would be the best voltage for powering the Arduino + miniengine by a Step-Up / Step-Down Voltage Regulator? 3.3V or 5V?
Motors will be powered directly from the battery and controlled by a DRV8834

sorry for the understanding, I do not speak English very well.

Best regards
Hello Bryan,
sounds like you are using a 2 cell Lithium battery. If you go for a 3 cell battery, your voltages will be a little above 12 when fully charged and about 9V when empty. This should solve your problem.

Thank you for your response.

I reflect also this possibility, but it's not obvious to me, I recharge my batteries with the dynamo of my bike. I travel by bike.

If I opt for 3 cells, it would take me out of the adapter of my dynamo
- 12V for 3 cells miniengine
- 8v for 2 cells of my DSLR
- 5V for USB on any other object

In case I stay on my idea of 2 cells, what will be the best voltage to power the miniengine.

Thank you

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