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Hey all,

I'm currently designing a DIY project involving a portable track for time lapse and dollies and a pan-tilt head. However, I live in a weather that can be a little tricky, because of humidity and heat. So I'm obviously worried about the materials I'm going to use. I know I'll probably use carbon fiber as the rail (I'll use a system of "snap" connections with shock cords).

Now, I don't know if I do a closed case for the platform that is going on rail, because I don't know how much heat will be generated inside. Is there any way I can do a estimative of how hot will be inside? And which material would be best for the case? Aluminum may have the problem of heat.

I have no idea of what I can use as legs for the rail, since I want it to be extendible to a certain height, portable and easy to mount. Any ideas?

And about the pan-tilt head, I don't know if I should use 3D impression (carbon fiber or ABS) or aluminum to do the case. The cost will be more or less the same. What do you guys think?

Sorry for the many questions, I'm still learning things along the way.

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