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How to do a timelapse with a MiniEngine v2
Hello Eric:

I' built a MiniEngine for a photographer friend of mine, with a 1.5m slider, 3d printed enclosure and so on. It works very well but we don't know how use it.

A short video of the miniE+Slider test working

The question is how to set the miniengine to do a timelapse. He wants to do a daylight timelapse taking a photo with a know interval along the distance of the rail, and at night with a know shoot time of 30sec. with 25fps =250 photos to get 2 hours.

What data we need to input into the miniengine to achieve these examples?

Have you been writen a user manual?

Thank you in advance.

Marcos from Spain.

PD:Sorry, my english is limited.
1. The distance you want to go can be set on start screen. At first you have to calibrate the motor properly under settings.
2. The interval comes by setting the fps and duration.
3. for long exposure set the exposure time to something like 0,5s and change the motor delay time.

Read carefuly the tips which you have under each point. How to adjust the motor (lin, rad, calibration etc.) is written in the docu.

[Image: 642fomukjVHjQeLbRdWtqLnYfy0dgXNHrkyVqyZL...07-h956-no]

The motor steps are setup right. In our rail the belt gt2 and 20 teeth pulley are 727.27 steps/cm. When homed, it measure right the 1.5m length of the rail.

There are some confusion on how set a timelapse interval, for example when we want to do a 2 hour timelapse of 250 shots along the 1.5m rail at given shutter speed of 1 seg. , as seen on the photo attached.

What is the 28.9s that its shown in the example on the upper left side corner?? 
What mean the ! after that number in some circumstances??
The exposure time its dependent on the gap it will do??

We think it isn't a bad setup. We don't understand how the miniE calculate the timelapse data input from the user to achieve the shoots given on the length.

Thank you for your response.

Your setup shows a record time of 2 hours (7200 sec).
You want to do 250 pictures in these 2 hours (10 seconds clip with 25 fps).

7200 sec / 250 shots = 28.8 sec per shot

This means the miniEngine will take a photo every 28.8 seconds. It calculates all this automatically for you and shows it in the upper right corner Wink
That the system shows 28.9 sec must be some kink of rounding error ... but you get the point.

Good luck,
We are going to understand it with the explanation that you did. Our photographer friend of us tend to compare your design with mslider and kietacam brands, but they do it in slightly different way.

Thank you Eric for the awesome work.
Thanks, was looking for the same.

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You have raised an interesting topic for me - read the link, thank you!
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