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miniEngine v2 motor and shutter problems
Good morning everyone

i thinking about to send a private message to airiclenz, but maybe there are more people having the same problems so I decided to post in the forum.

1- Related to remote camera plug it just works when not fully fit the jack 2.5mm, can only be seated until the middle to fire the machine, otherwise does nothing, my camera is a Nikon D3200 / D7100. If anyone knows why this happens...

2- The engine must not be very well calibrated or something, already tested it on video in many ways and has stops when wheel, even in timelapse is not regular. the engine is a nema 17 Model 42BYGHW81.


Bipolar 17-NEMA 4-wire
Step angle: 1.8 °
Holding Torque: 4800G-cm @ 2.5 Amps

Step Angle 1.8 °
Step 5% Accuracy
Holding Torque 4800G-cm / 66.66 oz-in
Coil Resistance 1.25 Ohms
Rated Current 2.5 A
Motor 48mm Height
Motor Length and Width 42mm
Mounting Plate Size NEMA-17
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Shaft Length 22mm
Weight 332g
Number of Leads 4

I am using an lipo battery 11.1V 3000mah 3cell

Also I already thought this might be the battery not be 12v or something.

if someone get me help calibrate I was grateful.

I go for attached some pictures.
 (Sorry for the bad english)
thank you
[Image: 11304053_1108062652542758_1486537267_n.j...e=556FEEC5][Image: 11281892_1108059455876411_1107501309_n.j...e=556F05A1][Image: 11225969_1108059482543075_1704500433_n.j...e=556FE86C][Image:]

I had the same problem like with triggering the camera. What helped in my case was to change the camera model from Nikon to canon in the menus

Regards, Chris
Tks Wire14,
I already change to canon and is the same. =\
Already try 2 different cables and is the problem still there.
(06-03-2015, 05:26 PM)tempscron Wrote: Tks Wire14,
I already change to canon and is the same. =\
Already try 2 different cables and is the problem still there.

The battery is definitely not the problem because I am using a 3 cell LiPo as well (same type as you) and it works flawlessly. There is a battery calibration file for this one in the download which you just need to place on your SD cards. This will do nothing but calibrate your battery-charging-level-display.

Ruling out the battery it still might be a soldering issue. If you want you can post some well lit, high res, and tripod made photos of the soldering sides of your boards.
I could have a look to see if this is the issue.

I made a video to you see better what is happening.
When i turn MiniEngine v2 on the first time the motor runs, it seems to work well, or if i wait some time and put it to run again also works well, but gives the feeling that it is only a few turns after that start having crashes as you see on the next video.

1. Is there a chance you have the connections on the board wrong and have the ring(middle segment) set up as the ground instead of the sleeve?

2. Have you checked the battery voltage while under load, some of those packs are rubbish and only allow around 2amps max output?
tks Ubernoob
It is impossible put the connections wrong but it must be the problem, later see it, I'm more worried about the engine.
I'm thinking it's the battery that not sends enough power because when i give orders to move the motor on speed teste and do not put it moving, you can hear a sound on motor like the energy was getting low until start making clik clik clik clik.

what is the ideal amperage that the battery must have?

Can you try to use another software version - an older release? Maybe this one:
Do you still have the same problems then?
The power supply should be able to deliver 5A @ 12V for being able to use both motors reliably.
I just tested with version2 beta 6 and the problem remains the same.

my battery is a turnigy 3000mah 30-40c discharge
The battery will not be a problem, I assumed you had a small Ebay type battery, sorry.

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