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CamGEAR slider
Hi Everyone,

today I'd like to show my recent development - light slider powered by miniEngine 1.3.

The goal of this development was to build light, "portable" set, possible to be taken anywhere in my backpack.

Slider built from custom made aluminium elements and carbon fibre pipes. Overall weight - around 2,5 kg.

Final touches remained. Limit switches get crazy - not troubleshoot yet. Some legs maybe, tripods threads, and knobs to tighten the belt.

In general very stable set.

Here some pictures:

[Image: 11136775_1424663481175958_47526966851408...e=5606BDBA]

[Image: 1619085_1424663474509292_770777007798699...2b81e3fa6c]

[Image: 10920925_1424663487842624_65060614861899...e=55C763CD]

[Image: 11262134_1424663477842625_92009962426459...e=55C97A5C]

[Image: 988557_1424886214487018_3107732947778806...e=5602B254]

[Image: 1908213_1424886231153683_967945130344537...e=56076E0C]

[Image: 10922723_1424886251153681_18088212528685...e=55CAB81E]

[Image: 21708_1424886281153678_19996645577970091...e=5604A69F]

[Image: 11255451_1424886301153676_60035173424458...e=560804F0]

and test video from yesterday, where my camera (and all equipment) weather sealing was also tested:


That is one very nice and clever slider Kazic!  I like the thought you  have put into the design to make it compact and light for portability yet when assembled it makes a decent length slider. How long is it?
It is 1 meter long. During the tests I got rid of the middle frame. Without it the slider is stable enough and it is even more portable and light.


Nice work!!
Acrylic enclosures for the Mini Engine V1 and V2. 
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