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miniEngine V2 Slave Mode
Hi everyone!

At the moment I'm working on my DIY-Slider with a stepper motor. I want to controll the camera with qDSLRDashboard for Holy-Grail-timelapses but also want a shoot-move-shoot mode for long exposures. My idea was to trigger the motorcontroll with the hot shoe of my D5300. So the miniEngine receives a signal from the slave input, has to wait for the time of the exposure and then go X steps further.

I have absolutely no idea of controllers and the electronics for controllers, so please explain everything understandable for a rookie like me lol.
So how do I set this up and what do I have to change compared to the stock version of the MiniE?

best regards from Germany,
Nobody who tried this before? I'd be so happy if someone would replyBig Grin
Or is this the wrong section to ask?
(05-14-2015, 01:33 PM)Seafunks Wrote: Nobody who tried this before? I'd be so happy if someone would replyBig Grin
Or is this the wrong section to ask?

I am not quite sure what you want to do. One thing though that I saw was that you want to have the minEngine react on slave inputs. The idea is that slaves are the ones that react on master inputs. There is nothing like masters waiting for slave devices...

If you post some more information about what you wanna do, I can possibly help you with some input. 

Thanks for replying!
I'm building a slider with a stepper motor. But the interval should neither be controlled by the miniE nor the camera itself but by qDSLRDashboard so I can shoot Holy-Grail-timelapses with exposure-ramping.
The problem is to sync the motor controller and the intervallometer from qDDB. So my idea was to use the release of the camera (controlled by qDDB via WLAN) as an event to activate a procedure in the MiniE which looks like:
1. Wait X seconds (for long-time exposures)
2. tell the motor to do a specific amount of rotation
3. wait for the next event

The idea was to use the hot shoe of the camera to transmit the information about the release.
Due to different timing of your trigger input you would get a non constant moving of your slider.
I thinknyou should go the other way.
Fixed interval on minie and try to trigger your qdslr system.

But how should I transmit the data to qDDB? There's no trigger-input. Interval ramping is not necessary by the way, but would be a nice feature.
That is a good question for qdslr forum.
By the way, i dont think you want an interval ramping of your slider. It never looks good in post.

Increasing the interval can easily be done in post but if I realize that the interval is too long mid-sequence, than decreasing is the only way to slow down the video. But this would be just a nice gimmick like I said.
Isn't it possible to control the miniE by another intervalometer?
Hi Jonathan,

if you stay at a fixed interval, mayby at the begging and testing about the right interval some sequences wouldn't be that good, why don't you let the miniE trigger the cam? You can still use qdslr to change the parameters (exposure, iso) of the cam.

Regards, Chris
Is it possible to release the camera with an external release like the miniE while the camera is totally controlled via WLAN?

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