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Small Cameras / 3D Photos
Hi All,

I had a thought today about my camera and the possibility of using different types - perhaps unconventional ones too.

The Go Pro camera's have a time lapse feature, but its more a case that you set it going on the camera then leave it alone.  I cant see any way that they can be triggered remotely via a cable to take a single picture.  They do have a micro-usb connection so it may be possible with some clever programming/hacking, but that's way beyond my ability.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum there's the SJCAM camera's which are pretty much the same - small 'action' camera with a micro usb connection.

My grand idea is to use two of these small cameras side-by-side to have a go at ultimately creating 3D footage.

Anyone tried this?

I admit the quality is not going to be anywhere near my dslr, but i think it'll be fun if it would work.

These little cameras would be light enough to put on a MiniE v2 panning head:

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