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working on a pan tilt head
I have started working on a new pan tilt head for myself.

Planning on using geared steppers, with GX2 timing belts to hook them up to each axis. I have previously used worm gears, but I have found these to have issues with accuracy.

Control will be accomplished with the miniEngine v2.

Going to be using the head with a 5D mk2 but want to make it flexible for other systems.

Canon T2i (550D) shown in first image and RED cinema camera in the second image. Whole device is pretty compact, have tried to keep everything possible within the frame. Both axes have penetrating holes to allow for cable routing.

[Image: 53FEAdl.png]
[Image: tXiYUZ6.png]

[Image: n1Q9ql4.jpg]

Head is coming along well, not had much time to work on it as I am trying to do my thesis at the same time. All of the internal motors and gearing are done.

Seems like it is going to be really solid, hopefully I should be able to do a little more work on it soon.
This looks awesome and I want one!  Wink
I am looking forward to the final design! What will the dimension of this head be (like outer box)? Would it be suitable for traveling?

The size is around 230x230x60mm. The miniengine fits in the area where the camera is, so it can pack down small for travel.

I may try and fit some of the batteries inside the body if there is space to make it extra compact, but at the moment it is already getting pretty crowded inside the body!

It is small enough to fit in a backpack, but you need a pretty sturdy tripod to put it on. I may make a little holder for it out of a manfroto balhead for when I don't want to carry a bit tripod.
What kind of motor did you choose and what ration on pan and tilt? What kind of gear do you prefer?
At moment i am trying a powerful Nema 14 with a ratio of 15:1 so i get an angle of 0,116°.
What do you think is needed for smooth move?

I'm using a nema 11 100:1. (The timing belts provide a further 5:1 reduction).

I'm hoping that this will allow me to do use full steps for smooth movement, so that I can sleep between shots without losing position.

I may change to something lower, but I have designed for 100:1 because these are the largest, so all others will fit.

I have also sized it to allow me to use DC motors with encoders, I hope to try creating an extension for the miniengine v2 to use it with PID controlled DC servo motors (not hobby servos).
I am designing an unit that can be assembled to pan and tilt head. I use Nema 14 motor with 50:1 and further 3:1 gear.
Mayber i gonna switch to other ratio, i gonna test that in a week.

That is probably a good ratio mine is a bit overkill, I think anything over 30 to 1 is good. I'm only using such a high ratio as I want to use full steps, so that I can sleep the motors between shots.
i have done my first run, i think a ratio of 150:1 and quater step is a good choice for average use.
i can go very slow and fast enough for most tasksk.

Finished the head, took me a while due to University work. Now I just need to finish my enclosure for the ME2.

A picture of the head, all of the parts are finished, I will think about ways to improve the aesthetics (anodizing etc..) once I have tested everything.

[Image: U1wDe9s.jpg]
Amazing craftsmanship there, well done.

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