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working on a pan tilt head
After a bit of troubleshooting, managed to get everything working well.

Unfortunately don't have a tripod sturdy enough to put it on for any real testing at the moment, but will test it out on my slider.

Don't have another miniE for my slider, it uses a custom arduino shield that I made, so can't really use them together properly yet.

Here is a low quality phone video of the head to show it moving:
Just did a quick test using difference mattes. Looks good to me, I think it will be even better when I get a real tripod (not a $20 amazon special!).

Here is the video:

Here is the test set-up (crappy phone photo):

[Image: xKql0jM.jpg]
Nice looking design there. Did you make any big changes from the previous version to this?
I'm interested in your project for a different purpose. I want to 3D model rooms through photography. A single room may require 100+ photos, taken in overlapping grid patterns. I'd like to automate this process, having a computer pan and tilt the camera, take the shot, pan/tilt again,... I don't need the smooth, sweeping motion. It will be more like pan left 10 degrees, *snap,* 10 degrees again, *snap*.... It appears your design has this level of flexibility - am I right?

I've got myself to the position of having the working electronics all finished and tested for the MiniEngine v2 for a fair few months now, but not able to create, or come up with a design for a 2 x axis head that seems passable.

What are the dimensions of the metal extrusion you've used, just out of interest? 
Looks like 60x40x200 to me.
I used 60x60x170 for my design which looks similar.

It is 60x40 with a 4mm wall if I remember correctly. All parts can be made using a manual milling machine easily (or with dificulty using a drill press).

This version is considerably different from my original acrylic version. I would say nothing remains from the original design in this updated version.

I think the device you are looking for is known as a gigapan head, you should be able to find one online for a couple $100s.


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