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Assembling instructions miniV2
Hello all togheter,

I searched the whole forum, but I didin't find an answer to my question. So if there is already an answer to my question I'm sorry Wink

I would like to built an minE V2 by myself. But before I buy the parts I have some questions that should be solved before I start. I have basic soldering skills but not in soldering electronic parts but I think I can handle that. After reading the V2 documentation I want to know if there is anybody who has an assembley video or something like that. Because the drawings in the documentation are quite nice but for me pictures or a video would be better Big Grin I found two videos on the internet but these are just timelapse films.

The second question is, what is the best solution to connect the miniE shield with the bed board. Just single wires or anything else? And is here also anybody who could show me a picture of this connection

Thanks very much for your help

Kind regard


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