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Battery Indicator
Ok, not exactly sure what it is I did, but the stepper is behaving better with the li-po battery.

Since I couldn't figure out what to do next, I simply went back to square one:
- Remove shields from Due
- Upload and run basic flashing led sketch on Arduino DUE
- Erase SD card, but I saved the .cnf file (there was only one file in the card)
- Return potentiometer back to position it was when I got it (3.01K ohms)
- Place both shields back on Arduino DUE
- Upload the miniEngine2.ino project
- Use with a fully charged battery
(I didn't know how to take the project back to its default stage, which is why I did the above. Even if I removed the sd card, the prior settings were still present. If there is a way to avoid doing all those things, please let me know)

Immediately after plugging the battery, I saw the battery indicator slowly climb up from 10% to about 60%. I know that it needs to go through a full cycle to learn the battery values, so I will let it do its thing.

The stepper stop doing its back-n-forth dance, but it was a bit jittery. I trimmed down the potentiometer a little and its a bit smoother now. I might turn it down some more, but I'm afraid it might go back to that back-n-forth thing again.

Oh yes one more thing, when I received my stepper (NEMA 23), the yellow and white wires had the ends twisted together. I know these are the center tap wires as per the data sheet, so they are not needed. But this time, I un-twisted them so I am not sure if that also had anything to do with it.

Thanks again for your help Airic!

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