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Timelapse program setting
First let me congratulation to Airic. His miniEngin is fantastic tools. I am new to timelaps so be patient with me please since i do have some questions. I do try to figure out how to add all the numbers correctly so there is no conflict. Always when i do something wrong i will get exclamation mark next to the interval number.
I do understand the frame per second and the playback time which give me total of pictures. Little confuse about the Recording time. If i do understand correctly with the recording time i can control how often the camera will take a picture. Longer time = longer interval and vice versa. So i do have couple question if anybody can help me to fully understand the program.

- For example. If i start with the default setting. In Airic default setting the Recording time is 15 min. How did he come up with that number and how do you know what will be the minimum or maximum time with out of the guessing?

- Will be all the delay (camera,motor, exposure) include in total Recording time?

- How about the Total distance? Can i select any distance up to my total length or is there any formula ( my slider is 80 cm total)?

Thank you for any help.


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