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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 10:12:06 EST
Subject: Zach Gets to Serve. Chapter 21.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read
materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains
descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual
and are a result of their love preteen lolly model pic
or lust for one another. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story. Zach Gets to Serve.
Chapter 21. Then quite suddenly, Stevie pushed his 5 sweet innocent lolitas nude
incher down Zach's
crotchtight-pressed face, and into his mouth, ramming it to the back, and Zach
bob-sucked right into it like the fuckboy he truly was. Stevie was so fired, his
right knee bent to the bed alongside the sucking preteen nude bbs lolite
Zach, and he leaned forward and
down, before either boy knew it, Stevie was pummel-fucking Zach's face, full-up
over and on top, laying over the kid. Those last few strokes jackhammered
boyface, and bounced them both on the creaking bed. The super intensity of
Stevie's long delayed cum, nearly knocked him out, and he fell flat over Zach, his
legs flying up behind him, while his still pulsing prick shot lolita preteen pic post
wad after boywad
into Zach's gasping, sucking gullet.
Afterwhile, Stevie's sated, but still hard peter slid out of Zach's
lip-smacking mouth as he rolled over and off Zach. Over on his back, Steve's
chest heaved, and his boyprick flopped back against his flat tummy, and they
both smelled the wafting aroma of dinner on the make downstairs. Steve hustled
himself up, and pulled up his pants as he looked down at Zach's shiny,
cum-slick face. He waved his peter temptingly at Zach before he garaged it, and said,
"Coming over later, to get you back on 'dis?"
"Yeh-huhhhh," Zach best art lolita pics
sorta heaved a breath of assent.
"Right man...'at's right. Yer prick...a perfeck match,"
Steve said as he turned to the door looking over his lolita rape video galleries
shoulder. "Member, yur
mouth, my a hour. See yuh."
....and he was gone. Mannnnnnn! What happened here? Fuck-in'
hol-leeeee! Whut happened here?Zach Gets to Serve. Chapter 21 ls magazine 12 lolita
Zach brushed his lips with the back of his hand....then....licked
it clean!
Oh, yeah! We know what happened here, alright. ls land issue lolita
He watched as Stevie disappeared from his doorway, and the seeming
sneer on his face was etched on his brain. He whipped his body 'round angel lola love jeezy
and with
his face into the covers, and his legs kicking behind him, he pounded his
fists to the bed, as he cried all muffled, "Steeeee-veeeeeeeee!" As he calmed he
found hentai lolita anime links
himself in a sort of wide-awake wet dream fuck....bucking wildly in
short, snapping non nude ukrainian lolitas
humps, unconsciously.
Soon, he was out of it, and quiet. Laying to his side and pulling
up fetal, hands between his legs, eyes wide open, day dreaming of being back in
Stevie's bed soon, sucking boycock....fucking for his long time
friend....right where the kid's dad had fucked him a week ago.
After dinner, Zach excused himself from the table and announced his
departure for Steve's to the delight of his parents, who liked Stevie a lot,
and liked to have them play together.
When Zach entered lolita model kids hot
the house, Steve's dad greeted him at the den
doorway....yeah THAT DEN, where one of Zach's fantastic adventures took place not
so long ago. He smiled weakly at 'Daddy Bob,' who put his arm 'round the
boy's shoulders and squeezed him to him. "Come to see Stevie, boy?" Without
waiting for a response, he pointed upstairs, and said, "He's up in his room son."
"Yessir. Thank yu--thanks."
As Zach got to Stevie's open bedroom door, he knocked, feeling
stupid, and started to walk in, as Stevie looked up from his computer, smiled,
snapped his fingers, and pointed to the floor next to his bare left foot.
As casually as could be, Zach just walked right over to the desk
and kneeled next Steve's foot.
"Lick it, fuckwad. Start with the underneath know, like
the back, the heel and underneath to the bottom of the toes, the top to all
around my ankle, and then suck each toe like it wuz a little dick."
Zach did just that, and as 'Daddy' Bob stopped short of the doorway
to spy on the boys, he started to frantically rub though his pants as he
watched his son continue whatever he was doing on 7yo lolita girl model
his computer while Zach's face
was turned up and under his son's foot, licking it. He watched Zach rubbing his
own pants, and his son's toes curl and wiggle from the tickly excitement
Zach's tongue and lips were giving his foot.
Crazed, Bob ducked into the bathroom before he went totally out of
Just as well, 'cause it was just after that Stevie had Zach teen art porn lolitas
to the door and lock it, before returning to strip naked and get himself into
'fuckboy,' to wait and serve his new boy master. Steve told him, "If any 'rents
knock or anythin', I'll handle it, and you just get up at the desk where you
can't see your nakeds."
Zach nodded, his tongue out, head down, hands and feet crossed
behind, waiting patiently to do his master's bidding.
Turning up his stereo pretty loud, Steve asked, "What would like to
do for me, Fuckboy?"
"I would like to suck your cock, sir," Zach answered....
"And........?" Steve asked impatiently.
"Eat your cum, sir."
Again Steve said, "And.......?"
Well, it kept on, and Zach was trembling as Steve was busty lolita sexy models
angered as he interminably asked...."And...?And...?And....?" till finally, tears in
his eyes, lolita young panty pics
Zach begged, "Pleeeeease, sir....tell me what I should
do....pleeese???" and the poor kid was quaking now.
WHAT!!!! GOT THAT FAGBOY????" Steve screamed smacking Zach across the side of his
"YESSSSS--SIRRR!!!" Zach yelled, young lolitas nude images
his head snapping back from the
surprise shot he took.
And with that, Steve successively rammed in and pulled his cock out
Zach's mouth some 20 times. Zach's tongue kept coming out following the
receding prick each time. Steve made Zach 'O' his lips so he looked liked an
overused boypussy, and rammed right to the throathole each time....making Zach
cough, splutter and gag several times through this mess. On the last facebanger,
Steve snap-humped his whole lower body into Zach's face, and as he hit his
throat, he sent the extreme youngers little lolitas
boy over backward.
Right where he landed, Stevie knelt and pulled Zach's feet out from
under, spread 'em, and rammed his slicked wick right up into Zachie-hole....
"Ooooommmmpphhhh!" Zach moaned as his eyes tried to focus on Stevie's leering
face, and his own free lolita anime pic
toes in the air, with his feet held together at the back of
his ankles by Steve's left hand.
With the right hand, Steve started slapping Zach's
butt....slap---rut---slap---rut, over and over, and soon, Stevie was short stroking and
bending into his work as he ram banged his friend into lolita teen rape stories
the floor, "Aiiieeeahhhhhh!
You fuckin' cocksucker! Take it you fucker!" Steve yowled as he shot his most
violent fuckwad up into his buddy. He endlessly bucked, and pumped, and his
toes behind him gripped rug, then stretched, splayed, curled and tightened.
Glaring into Zach's face he spit at him, hawking up more, and spitting again, into
his face, his chest, and finally his shaved pubies. He thrust last and hardest
into Zach, with the last of his ebbing fuck, slamming his open palm to Zach's
belly, bouncing the kid.
Zach was stunned at Stevie's ferocity, but he had long been shown
by Casey....and Shane....and Adam, Tommy and Colin, before, that somehow he
needed all this.....and more. Goddddddddddddd.....this boy wasn't capable of
wanting to get out from under this service need he had for other!
"Daddy' Bob, always the lecherous one, some while back, had started
arranging a semi-elaborate scheme of spying on his son from the guest room
next door. He had set up a mini-microphone in the base of the floor between the
rooms, and taped the action in Stevie's room that night. When he got to hear
it...would his heart be able to handle it? This boy fun might even be too much
for poor preteen loli models com
old Bob. While he was taping the action, Bob had his ear to the wall
to try and hear it all first hand. He was only successful in hearing his son
wailing as he shot his wad....Bob cummed too, bucking against his palm, in his
pants. He also heard the thumps and smacks Steve administered to Zach, and the
occasional groan extreme incest lolita blowjobs
from Zach's all built up in Bob's wicked
brain till he shot on cue with his son, when Steve cried out in his joy-filled
Stevie had shocked nude preteen lolita kids
himself! As he slipped his cock from his friend
and confident, he looked down at the sorrowful state he had put Zach in.
Soaked in their combined sweat...what oozed out of Zach and what dripped off
Stevie's face....gobs of spit all over him....his short black hair a mix of sweated
mat and spikes....tears of mixed lust, shame and joy welling in his
eyes....and finally, Stevie's spooge droozing out of his toyhole.
Steve's minor impatience at having to wait all day to play
sex-slave naughty nude teens lolitas
for Zach, had virgin pedo lolis illegal
turned him into something he'd never been....someone who
takes charge....and boyyyyy....did he ever! He was now getting pangs of conscience
for taking such crazy advantage of Zach who had bared his soul to him, and
all he'd become....down deep, his need to be with Zach, the fact that he wasn't
there all afternoon, even though he knew why, had angered him, and a kind of
rage merged with the knowledge that Zach was being fuckboy all over the
place....made Steve act...and it all came out at once on...and in Zach!
In a kind of dazed bbs lolita preteen images
continuum, Steve muscle jerked his boydong
without touching it, and said, "How's about you cleaning your queerass butt slime
off my prick, boy?"
Zach lurched up to lolita lesbian with mature
be sitting before his master's bobbing,
cum-soppy meat, and literally swallowed it whole. The slupping and slurping of those
lips and tongue, were driving Steve into it all over again! Just then, he
backed out, and poor Zach started to follow his bud's cockhead....till Steve
smacked it 'cross'd his face.
Zach immediately went into 'fuckboy' to wait. Steve told him to
wipe the Steve spoo from his dripping asshole, lick it off his hands, then lick
up the jizz that puddled on the carpet.
The sound nude lolitas very youngest
was garbled with the stereo on so loud, and 'Daddy' Bob
was at a loss to keep tabs on what was doing top lolita gallery sites
inside his son's room. For Bob's
sake it was a blessing. If he would have seen...or heard, any of it, he would
have been out of his mind with lust and need. This way, he'd be in a
controlled place, like xxx lolita teen delete
his truck, when he listened to lolitas nymphets nude photos
what he was taping of the room's
sounds. He found himself wondering if there'd be any cum rags or boxers to
lick later....and had decided there'd be none.
Back in the room, Stevie sat at his desk watching Zach sucking
every last little squigglin' sperm out of the carpet....boy cock hairs, lint,
fuzz, dirt and dust...all in his mouth, and teeth. was awful....but
the preteen lolita perdo bbs
fucker kep' on licking and sucking till he was finally done and sat back up
into 'fuckboy'. When he hung his tongue out, it was gross...covered with all
that carpet stuff.
Steve got up, walked over to Zach, and said, "You fuckin'
sludge-mouth need that dirty mouth washed out. Lean up and take hold'a
'dis faucet
Zach looked up, and took Steve onto his lolicon girls showing pussy
fuzzy tongue, and Steve
started to drain his little dragon over his tongue and ordered, "Don't you dare
spill any of my magic cleansing young litlle preteen lolitas
juice, yer face tpo lolita bbs pic
is gonna be back
down in that carpet again."
Zach sure knew how to handle this with russian child lolita links
all the 'training' he got
at the tip of Shane's prick. Successfully completing his boy draining, lolita hard porn pics
holding the boycock on his tongue, Zach felt Stevie start to 'firm' up again. But
Steve pulled out, and praising Zach for a flawless urinal performance, he
cock-slapped him back and forth across his face while saying, "Good boy, good boy,
you make Stevie proud of you.
Now getchur fuckin' ass dressed and I'll think about how you're gonna be
serving me fum now on."
Zach scurried about getting his clothes on, and keeping an ear and
eye on all lolita love gallery
Steve so that he didn't miss any instructions. When he was ready, on
his knees waiting to be dismissed, Stevie walked over and just before he pulled
on a pair of gym shorts, he said, "Kiss your boy pleaser, pussy."
Cock-kiss over, he dropped his shorts on Zach's head for him to
dress him with. Steve stepped into the shorts and Zach pulled them up.
Steve went to the door, followed by Zach, crawling. Steve opened
the door and checked the hall and stairs, then had Zach crawl out and down beautiful lolita panty models
stairs. Steve opened the front door and as Zach crawled out, Stevie planted
his bare foot on his ass and shoved him out the door and slammed it.
From the guest room door, 'Daddy' Bob looked on amazed, and
cock-hard as his son led the crawling Zach out and down the stairs. From lola girl non nude
the top of
the stairs he watched his son shove Zach to the ground out the door. He was
fascinated by this streak of wickeds he had never seen, in his quiet,
good-natured boy. Bob might not ever have been as hard as he was that very moment.
He ducked back at the door slamming, and Stevie went off into the
kitchen, and then back out and into the den. When Bob heard the boy pop the
can top, he hurried back and into Steve's examining nude lolitas preteens
room to see what he could see.....and
find. As he feared, there was nothing to glom onto to. No cummy
cum rags. Nothing. But....the smell of sex was everywhere. He lolita nudist top paysites
dared not touch
his cock rocket for fear of it going off with just cyber lolita top list
a touch.
He did have one thing going for him for much later. Even though
Stevie got his rocks already tonight....he was a boy wasn't he? He'd be wackin'
that meat again tonight in the renewed frenzy of the image of himself as a boy
master for sure. He was gonna be making Bob a delicious dessert later tonight.
Zach brushed himself off as he got off the ground in front of
Stevie's, and made his way home across the lawn. He wiped his face with the back
of his hand and
ruffled his fingers through his hair as he hit the stairs to his room, with a
casual wave to his folks in the living room.
He was free til 10 tomorrow in the locker room with Casey. He
decided to relish that relative freedom and took a long steamy shower, but kept
the taste of Stevie in his mouth over night.
Late that night, Bob slithered from bed, and went to Steve's room.
As per usual, the door was open, Steve was on his belly under the
covers....his gym shorts in a wad by the bbs 666 lolitas tgp
bedside. Bob had no doubt they were filled with
the juice of boy joy....the smell of cum teen lolita torrent
was still in the room. He stole to
the bed, grabbed 'em up and dashed into the guest room....rewound the tape, and
sat on the floor against the wall, plugged videos gratis lolitas strip
the earphones in his ears, and hit
'play' to hear the events of Steve's mastering of Zach that night with the
boy's joy juicy shorts at his nose.
As he photos free nude lollies
licked the boy goo out of his son's shorts, he turned his
ear to the sounds of his son's room...the blaring stereo smothered much of what
went on until the unmistakable sound of his son in a rage, screaming at Zach: "FINALLY, YOU DUMB BASTARD!!! FINALLY, YOU GET IT!!! WHAT YOU WILL
Then later:
"....slap---slap, "Aiiieeeahhhhhh! You fuckin' cocksucker! Take it
you fucker!" Bob's heart was pounding and he shot his wad little lolita love nudes
instantly as he bit
into the kid's shorts he was licking, whining in a high pitched muffled voice as
he cummed, and cummed, and.....cummed. He was so wild, he beat his feet up
and down on the youngest nude lolitas pics
floor in celebration of his sex little tiny naked lolitas
crazed hysteria.Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Jarrod749aol.comNegative or positive comments welcome.