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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 22:05:54 +0000
From: *
Subject: "Yours Truly" mm story at Tech (Atlanta)*****************************************************************
This a true story written on my own experience. It involves a
100% m/m topic. If you think this could offend your convictions
about life, or you are not an adult yet, please go lolita child panty picturs
back. The
names of the guys mentioned here xxx lolita 12 16
were changed, and the places
are also dorki loli nymphets sex
*****************************************************************"Yours Truly" underage lolitas nn models
(2nd. draft)Here at Tech when using our student Internet accounts,
the only newsgroups in which we can post messages, to get
in touch with people for personal interest topics, are the
penpals and personals groups. Obviously, tender tight lolita pussy
these groups are not
the best way for gay students to get in touch on campus using
the Internet. The rest of the newsgroup are oriented to
any class discussion, or some other academic topic.Even when it was Fall, my body was living a Spring
time, and I was feeling the need of meeting someone
on campus and have some good time. One night, I was
surfing in the Internet once again preteen lolita blog images
our penpal and
personal newsgroups trying to identify a clue, or any
discrete message of any other male student trying to
find the same that I was looking for. And then I got
one!Yes, sun lolita top ssites
it was a guy, named BJ, 24 yo, in shape, trying
to find someone to hang out with. He also mentioned
something related with going to the movies, and
practice a sport together. He didn't mention any
sex preference, so I thought it was an open message
trying to attract some other guy. In deed,
I replied that message, describing bad company lolita nude
male, 26 yo, 5'11", athletically built, and 164#. I also
mentioned that I was gay, but my main interest it only lolitas free pictures
to meet new people on campus, and have a healthy
and safe friendship. I guess, I didn't believe to myself
this last part of my response, but it was partially
true. By that time, I was just horny.One day, two days, three days, and I didn't get his
answer back. At the fourth day, someone called Daniel
sent me an email saying that he was a BJ's close friend
with young preteen loli free
a open mind about gay relationships, and that BJ
had told him about my young nudist lolita pics
message. Daniel's message
was clear. He said that BJ was not nymphets dream lolita virgins
gay, and that he
was looking for another kind of friendship. I replied
the message saying that I was sorry, and I hoped that
BJ was not feeling offended about my offering. And I
added a note saying to Daniel that please let BJ know
that his posting was so open, and it can be easily
misunderstood by some other "guy". Well, anyway, there I was again: alone with me. It is
incredible how much energy is spent or wasted while
writing a message like that, and also waiting for an
answer. I was feeling exhausted, but at the good lolitas pussy sites
same time
finals were coming soon, and I had to take care of my
study. So, I forgot about BJ, and my intentions of
finding a close friend on campus.Winter quarter started, and I tgp lolita underage preteen
had met some gay
students on campus. I use to have a good time with
them, but only that. I was looking for more. free legal nude lolits
And being
a natural straight acting guy, I also like gay guys with a
masculine natural lola pree teen nudes
behavior. And most of my new gay friends
on campus magazines de lolitas desnudas
were just over-acting a masculine
behavior trying to hide their weaknesses. At the end of the Winter, two weeks before finals. I
found an email russian loli p ics
coming from BJ. The subject of this
message was a shy "Hi", but he preview preteen lolita pictures
was enough sincere, and
direct about his intentions in the contents. Well,
he said that last alolita top list galleries
quarter I had wrote to him an email
that he never replied. And he was sorry about let me
know his thoughts using a third person. He went to the point,
saying that he was a straight guy but lately he had
been feeling curious. I got the feeling, Oh my God!
I lolita preteen gay boys
know myself enough and I knew that something very
strong was about to come over me. It had been
several months since I had my last sexual encounter
with a guy, and now something was telling me that I
was going to meet and be really close to the kind of
guy that I live preteen lolita pussy gallery
for. He ended his message saying that
he was available for a discrete conversation or email
exchange. And he said bye with the most lovely
phrase that I have ever got from a guy "Yours truly."
It was like dreaming awake. I really didn't like the
idea of focusing nude close up lolitas
this new experience on only sex. I
wanted more, and I was really excited about knowing
the common things that we could have, start a
friendship, and then see if a relationship was
feasible. Maybe I was thinking too fast. But anyway
I took my time, and he got my response two days after
I received his initial message.On his email he used the words "respect" and "discretion",
and I was happy about ls lena katya loli
that, they are also my favorite words
when I meet new gay friends. But he said that he was not gay,
and things could be a little different. Therefore, I emphasize
these words in my response, adding that I was glad of exploring
the idea of being good friends, and I preferred that
he started putting the cards on the table.Things were shaping better. On his next mail, he
mentioned an ended relationship with a girl, his
trends on feeling curious, and being desease free. So,
the top boy tgp lolita
healthy friend that I wanted to meet was there,
somewhere on campus. And he was willing to get in
touch with me. We crossed some other mail in which
he told me about his hobbies: hiking, working lolita preteen rape pics
out not
too hard, and the idea of maybe playing the guitar in a
band. All his mail had the "Yours Truly" saying forbidden lolita boy links
We were not focusing our starting friendship on
sex, I loved that. Well, sex is for me the maximum
expression of union and agreement in a gay relationship.
I really enjoy that aspect, but I think that
it must not be the central point, or at least apparently
it mustn't be. The big day was near, the next Wednesday I emailed
BJ telling that I wanted to talk to him personally, and
that I was going to stay in my lab working until 10:30
in the night. He quickly answered, and said that he
was going also to work, but sexy lolitas models videos
that around young underage russian lolia
9:30 he
hoped to be done. At 9:00pm he emailed me saying
that he was ready to come to my lab, and I nervously
agreed his announcement. It was raining, and he told
me he had to walk to reach my lab. My mind was flying:
he had his work done before the time he originally
told me, he didn't care about the rain and was
coming to me, I had never seen him before, and he had never
seen to me either. It was maybe too much for a night.My phone rang, he had reached my lolita and c p
building, and was
trying to get in. He said "are you Rob?", and I said
"yes, I'll be downstairs soon, give me two seconds.".
Two seconds were too much time, in half second, I
was there galery lolita little tgp
opening the door. His umbrella was
completely wet, and I told him about going up to my
workplace. BJ is about 5'10, dark hair, dark brown eyes,
and owner of a marvelous smile. He was still wearing
his raincoat, but I could see how well shaped their
muscles were as he moved. After non nude lolitas sites
watching his strong
hands and a thick wrists, my instincts were about to
take control of my acts. So, trying to get rid of these
kind of thoughts, I told him about my work, and the
things that I used to do there. We had a map lolita model blueteen links
and he showed me the location of his hometown.My real intention for that night was just to meet each
other, and then talk about his main interest: to satisfy
his curiosity. I couldn't convey this idea; we had that
night for us. My eyes were exploring his eyes, and
I felt that his eyes were exploring mine too. "You are a
cute guy", I loli galleries teen models
said while I grazed my hand quickly
against his hand. "What...", he said while wrinkling.
I guess his ears were not ready to hear something like
that coming from another guy. He finally smiled, and
I went to paradise, and came back to earth hairless russian lolita pussy
while that
smile was present. What a beatiful smile!BJ said that maybe it was a good idea to go out and
walk. But it was still raining, and I suggested that
maybe we could take my car and go somewhere else.
He said "OK". "Where do you want to go?", I asked. He
said "I don't know, maybe a place where we can talk." elwebbs biz lolita bbs

Then, I realized that it was the moment, and maybe I
was not ready. I share an apartment with two straight
roommates, an by that time they for sure were there.
Where should I take him?. I was not able, to tell him
about postponing that close encounter he was curious about,
maybe because I was feeling too much attracted to him.
We went around campus, and finally we took 10th street
heading to Piedmont Park. When he saw the darkness of the
Park, he asked me "what's that?", I answered saying that it preteen nudists lolita naturists

is a park where gay people use to come, and many
of them have their houses around it. Then, I drove to
the Park main entrance, and that sign of "NO ENTER"
was not on our 15 yo lola pics
way. So, I passed the bridge and parked
in front of the lake watching some of the Midtwon
buildings. I turn off the car, and soon the glasses
got blurred because of the rain, and our intense
breathing. No lolita pic thumbnail gallery
other car was around. We were ready...I looked his eyes directly, and asked him if he had
kissed a guy before. He obviously said no, and he
also said that he knew my answer about the same
question. Then I approached to him, and we kissed
tenderly, but at the same time desperately. Our
tongues were talking frenetically the same language.
We stopped, and then we kissed again. I went to his
chest, preteen lolita bbslolita bbs
and he partially unbuttoned his shirt, while
I was touching his bulge with my elbow. I unbuttoned
his pants, asking him what kind of underwear he
likes. He said boxers, and I started to feel his dick
through his boxers instead of grab it directly. Finally,
I put his dick on my mouth and kiss it. It was a thick
7.5 inches children lolita models nude
juicy cock. Then he went to my pants,
touched my legs and my tremendous hard on. I let
him to undo my zipper, and made easier to him to grab
my dick. He kissed my dick, and started sucking it.
Being his first time, it was perfect. I never felt his
teeth young nude lolita galleries
against the head of my cock, and this
sometimes takes time to be learned, either for girls or
guys. So, top alolita young top
I completely enjoyed his sucking. My dick is
about 7.0" when hard, but I was so nervous, and I pedo preteen lolita list

guess lolita underage 12 yo
I didn't have a full erection all the time. I
remember that there was a moment when he put it all
in his mouth, and his warm tongue was trying to play
a wet game with the head. It was time to go back to
his penis, and before that, we kissed once again.
I grabbed his cock, and put it in my mouth one more
time. We both had moved back our seats in the car,
and now we had super young lolita pics
more space to release our desires. cp lolita story tgp

"Rub it!" he said. I closed my eyes, and started
rubbing his dick while I kept the lolita complex image board
head still in my
mouth. Suddenly, the teen lolita xxx tgp
volcano made eruption. He was preteens lolitas blue teens

strongly shooting in my mouth, his big balls
were contracting and pushing his load against my
throat. My mouth was full, and I was not able to
swallow all that, it was too much. I opened the door
of the car, and put all those millions of "little BJ"s
out of my mouth. After that, his face expression changed, and I have
never seen again that marvelous smile that was mine
for one night, and receiving his "Yours Truly"s
that made me fly either. He finally emailed me, and
said that he was needing time to think about his sexual
preferences, he doesn't want any confusion on his life now,
and will continue trying with girls. I can
understand that, and respect his personal opinion."If I could change the world": Eric Clapton.
END OF THE STORY.I want to learn constructively of this experience.
I'd appreciate your comments.bye