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Full Version: Stepper Motor, Easy Driver, weak torque
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Hello Airic,
Starting a new project with my miniE V1, I bought this motor :

Manufacturer Part Number 17HS19-1684S1
Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
Step Angle 1.8°
Holding Torque 45Ncm(
Rated Current/phase 1.68A
Phase Resistance 1.65ohms
Recommended Voltage 12-24V
Inductance 2.8mH±20%(1KHz)

But the motor has no strength, very weak torque, did I choose the wrong one ? Should I do some adjustment of the Easy Driver ?

Thank You
Hellooooooooo ??????
Anybody there ?
Hello Phil,
Not sure but i think this is no Geared Stepper Motor...
Better use Gear Ratio around 5:1 (?)
I use: -> slow but very very strong...